The following are the Zoning Code and Land Division Ordinances, Chapter 17 and Chapter 18 for the Village of Oconomowoc Lake.

Please check with Village for the most current codes.

Chapter 17  (Updated as of December 19, 2023)

 Microsoft Word: CHAP 17    Adobe PDF: CHAP 17 PDF

Chapter 18  (Updated as of  November 14, 2014)

Microsoft Word: Chapter 18 Word    Adobe PDF:  Chapter 18 PDF


Other Important Village Ordinances which impact  building and construction projects within the Village of Oconomowoc Lake:


Ordinance 130  Erosion Control   Ord 130  in a PDF format

Building Code for the Village of Oconomowoc Lake Word Doc  


Building Code for the Village of Oconomowoc Lake PDF

This ordinance include construction hours restrictions which must be adhered to.

Ordinance to Regulate Outdoor Luminaries

Microsoft Word:    Ord178.doc

Adobe PDF File:  Ord178

Property Maintenance Code   Ord 203